Criminal Record Episode 2 Recap

Criminal Record Episode 2
Criminal Record Episode 2, titled "Two Calls" opens with June entering Maria's flat and seeing signs of a struggle, including yellow paint all over the walls. The reasons for this will be revealed at the end of the episode. However, there are no signs of anyone else until June steps out on the balcony and notices Maria's boyfriend behind her. She chases after him, and they end up in the elevator where they fight. June is almost strangled to death, but after the elevator doors open, the man runs away.

At the hospital, June is shown pictures of different men, and she eventually identifies the man as Clive Silcox. He has been in the system since 2009 with a history of assault and other crimes. Daniel is tipped off about what happened by his buddy Kim, and he starts making calls asking about the murder of Maria.

Back at the hospital, June's family comes to visit, and her son snaps some pictures of her injuries to post online. They head back home, but June, unable to sleep, leaves a note saying she's headed into work. She begins asking around the neighborhood for signs of Clive. After napping in her car, June gets a call that there's been a development at Hathaway Towers, and she heads to the crime scene.

When she arrives, she finds Hegarty on site. She tries to explain to him that Maria, the victim, is the same person who made the call about Adelaide Burrowes. Daniel brushes it off as June seeing only what she wants to see. June requests to speak to Clive if and when Daniel finds him, but she doesn't get a clear answer as Daniel walks away.

Next, we see both June and Daniel listening to emergency calls again, and there are clues in her language that make it sound like this was, in fact, the same person on both calls. June's boss, Roy, calls her into his office where Diana with the Professional Standards department is waiting. Diana has a list of license plates that June had queried in a database, but they don't align with any case numbers. After the meeting, June asks Roy for a forensic voice analysis of the two calls to confirm if the callers were the same woman, which Roy ultimately denies. He tells June to work on another case.

Once again, June ignores her boss's instructions and heads to meet Doris Mathis at her workplace. She asks if Doris knows anything about Clive Silcox. Doris feels that she's being played and isn't open to answering any of June's questions. As June's leaving, Doris follows her out and asks who sent her, was it Hegarty and all his boys. She goes on to say that they took his son and asks June to tell him she's still here.

Next, Daniel meets with Kim to discuss Clive. Daniel says anything that pulls Silcox near Adelaide, Mad, or that flat, anything that she can use to get at me or the investigation, I need to know. I think this is one of the most critical scenes in the episode as more events continue to unfold. It's easy to forget about this scene, but nothing makes it more clear that Daniel is hiding something, and we need to not forget how hard he's working to stay plugged into everything that June is doing and everything going on with this case.

We cut to a phone call where Sonya is asking June about why she was questioning Doris on Clive Silcox. June says Clive and Adelaide may be connected but can't talk more about it because it's confidential. At that point, Sonya ends the call.

Later that night, Daniel returns home to find his kitchen sink running, a broken glass on the floor, and what I can only assume is his daughter passed out in the room. I think there's definitely going to be more to this story. We've only seen whoever this person is; we saw their foot in episode one, and now we didn't even see them in this episode, but I think there's going to be more to this as we learn more about this character and whatever it is he has going on in his personal life.

We cut to a meeting between June and Daniel, where we learn Errol and Clive went to school together, and they had definitely crossed paths in their past. At her son's soccer practice, June tells her husband Leo that she was in trouble for all the database searches she had been doing for her mom. Leo says she should just tell her boss what happened, but June thinks that's a terrible idea and ends up leaving to go meet with a woman named Dawn Taylor to ask about Clive.

Dawn gets very nervous at June's questioning, tipping off to her that Clive is actually inside her home. So June radios for backup, which she's told is 6 minutes away, and that she needs to wait until they arrive before going inside. While waiting, she sends a bit of an ominous "I love you" text to her husband—you know, the same ones you send to your loved ones every time you board a flight. Then she notices activity inside the home that looks like Dawn is in trouble, so she heads in on her own.

Clive appears to have set the home on fire, and June heads inside to save Dawn and her mother. After freeing them from their locked room, June finds Clive, who has attempted to hang himself at the top of the stairs. But she is able to rescue him before he dies. After the dust settles and Clive is being carted away on a stretcher, Hegarty arrives on the scene, proving that someone has tipped him off and that he's still deeply involved in everything going on with this situation.

The following day, June's coworker Khloe slides June the pathology report for Maria De Souza. As she's looking it over, Hegarty arrives to meet with June and her boss Roy and shares that Clive has confessed to the murder of Maria. He says he killed her because she spilled paint on the rug. June asks for permission to interview him regarding the murder of Adelaide Burrowes, and Daniel says they should clear the air and asks what details June has that's leading her to believe Clive was involved.

June starts sharing everything she's learned, and Daniel makes it clear that he knew it all already and that it's nothing of great importance. June asks Daniel if he even interviewed Clive during his initial investigation, and Daniel deflects by insinuating that June has an unconscious bias due to an internal conviction that Errol should be a free man. This triggers June, and she accidentally shares that she knows about the old stab wounds on Maria, which match the story of the unidentified caller. This is information she only could have known from seeing the pathology report, and Daniel is quick to call that out and asks if she had seen it. June tries to deflect, but Daniel digs in and asks how she got it, and she lies and says she hadn't read the report. She instead says she saw the wounds on Maria's body when she found her at the crime scene.

Back at home, June receives a call from Roy telling her that she's cleared to interview Clive, but she's not allowed to reference the murder of Adelaide Burrowes, which I think we all knew she would immediately ignore because that seems to be her M.O. at this point. We then see June meeting with Clive, and she jumps right into her line of questioning. She shows him two pictures of Errol, and Clive immediately recognizes him and remembers going to school with him. Clive knows that Errol is serving 24 years for the murder of Adelaide, and when June tries to question him on this, the interview is cut short.

June tries to explain herself to her boss and Daniel, but they interrupt her and tell her that Daniel had the forensic analysis done on the two calls as she had requested. The results definitively show that the two callers were two different women. Daniel says they need to put it to bed once and for all as he leaves the room.

Back at work, June has a bit of a breakdown in the bathroom and tells khloe that she was wrong all along. khloe then says there's a rumor that Daniel had the forensics done the day after the murder of Maria when he learned that the two callers were different, but he had chosen to sit on it. June wonders why Daniel would do this and says that he's been playing her all along, and that this whole thing was a trap to stop her from continuing to look into the Adelaide Burrowes situation. It doesn't seem to be working, though, as June meets with Sonya again, playing the original recording from the mystery caller.

Sonya says, "All right, you were wrong, but this means the caller is still alive and that she's the one person that can help with Errol." Criminal Record  Episode 2, ends with June saying, "Yeah, and we're going to find her."
  • Series Title : Criminal Record
  • Season : 1
  • Total Episodes : 8
  • Release Date : January 10, 2024
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
  • OTT Platform : Apple TV+
  • Origin of Country : US
  • Runtime : 52 Minutes
  • Rating : 8.2 IMDb
  • Cast : Peter Capaldi, Cush Jumbo, Shaun Dooley, Charlie Creed-Miles, Aysha Kala, Dionne Brown. Tom Moutchi, Steffan Cennydd, Ian Bonar, Chizzy Akudlu, Joana Borja

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