True Detective Season 4 Episode 5 Recap

True Detective Season 4 Episode 5
True Detective Season 4 Episode 5, opens with Navarro picking up Julia's cremated remains. After the intro, Liz meets with Otis at the Lighthouse. Liz asks what Otis meant by Clark going back to the Night Country, but Otis seems to not even remember saying that. He said Clark was saying crazy stuff like she's awake and that he has to hide because she's out there. Liz goes on to ask about how Otis got his injuries, and he tells the story from 30 years ago about a cave where a man died trapped in the ice. Otis and the other men ran out for help, but there was a blizzard, and Otis says he heard something screaming or howling, and the other men started following the noise. Otis tried to go after them, and the next thing he knew, he woke up in the hospital with his injuries.

Liz pulls out a map of the area and asks Otis to point out the entrance to the cave system. Liz says he's going to help them get in, but Otis says he needs her to help him get well, to which she says, "I can't get you any heroin, you know that," which is how we know she's definitely going to get him some heroin. Navarro and Liz head out to the caves, but when they arrive, they find that the entrance has been destroyed, preventing anyone from getting inside. And since this cave is on Silver Sky land, it raises further suspicions that Silver Sky was involved with Annie's murder.

Next, we have the continued tension between Peter and Kayla, but this time she kicks him out of the house for working so hard to provide for his family. Peter heads over to his dad's where he hopes to crash for the night, where he hears Hank playing guitar and singing from outside his window. While he's singing, we see police in riot gear, including Navarro, arrive at the Silver Sky mine for some crowd control as things appear to be getting out of hand at another protest. Navarro is working the crowd when she sees a vision of Annie just before turning to find a cop pulling Leah to the ground. Leah calls out to Sherry, who just runs away, some girlfriend she was. Then Navarro pulls the other cop off of Leah, which causes the two of them to duke it out.

Liz gets an interesting call from Ted about the protest, saying Kate wants answers, and Liz reluctantly agrees to meet with her and Ted, but she's not sure why Ted's going to be there. After they hang up, Navarro calls to inform Liz of what happened with Leah at the protest, and she tells Navarro to take Leah to the station. Liz runs into Peter, who hands her a file and says, "This is what you've been looking for." Peter says the LLC that funded the station, the one that traces back to Tuttle United, has dealings with another company named Nor Bank Securities, which is a founding partner of Silver Sky Mining. Liz says this certainly makes it look like the mines fund Tsalal, who in return pushes out bogus pollution numbers for them.

Liz then heads over to Silver Sky where Kate and Ted show her footage of her and Navarro at the mine entrance on Silver Sky land. Liz says it's police business that has to do with the Tsalal investigation. She says Otis Heiss told them about the cave as they were asking him about Raymond Clark's whereabouts. Kate says, "Well, the good news is that this isn't a murder case after all," and Ted goes on to say that the forensics came back and that the men most likely went out to watch The Last Sunset before the long night and were caught in an avalanche where they froze to death. Liz shares the information she learned about the mine funding Tsalal, and Kate pretty much just brushes it off and seems to not even be mildly concerned about it. After Kate leaves the room, Liz tells Connelly the Annie K. case and the Tsalal cases are linked and that Annie was killed in the cave on Silver Sky land. Connelly brings up the Wheeler case and says it was logged as a murder-suicide but there was no suicide. Then says, "This case is closed," and Liz says, "What happened to you? The woman was murdered." 

Next, Hank meets with Kate, where she says Danvers is not going to let it go. She says Liz is looking for the place Annie was killed and that it's important that she doesn't find that cave. Kate alludes to Hank doing something about Otis when Hank says he did something for her before and he never got promoted to Chief of Police like she promised, which she said was out of her hands. Hank says he's not a killer, and Kate says that's not what she's asking and says drug addicts go missing all the time and then ends the conversation by saying, "You do this and the job is yours," and then says, "I'm counting on you," which is the same thing she said to him the first time we met Kate back in Episode 2.

Next, we see Navarro washing her clothes at the laundromat, thinking she found hair in the washing machine that disappears when Kayla approaches her. Eddie comes by with another local man and hands Navarro The Rock she found out at Oliver's place. The man says his grandfather told him to run away if they saw those because they were a warning for Anders for breaks in the ice that could swallow people whole. The man says his kids would go down into the caves, and his grandmother was furious about it, saying the Night Country was going to take them. Navaro goes to meet with Liz and says she knows how to go into the caves now. They can go to a high point and dig in from above, but Liz tells her this is all over. She explains what Connelly said about the forensics and that their investigation is being shut down. Navarro pushes that they should go out anyway, but Liz says Connelly knows about Wheeler. Navarro says she doesn't care and that she's going to go anyway. After arguing with Liz, Navarro also releases Leah from her cell.

Hank and Peter talk about a time when Peter as a child fell through ice while ice skating and how Hank had saved his life. He says on the way to the hospital, Hank just had to keep Peter awake and then just says family stuff. And walks out. 

Later, we find Rose and Navarro digging in the ice so Navarro can dump Julia's ashes, putting her back in the ocean where she wanted to be. Navarro then hears something and starts walking towards it, and as she does, she flashes back to her war days and almost falls into the sea when Rose comes to her rescue. Liz heads back to the station evidence room where she takes something, then runs into Hank in the hallway where she asks if he talked to Connelly. 

After seeing the look on Hank's face, she pulls Peter into her office and asks if he told anyone about Wheeler, and he denies it. Liz guesses Peter's computer password and insinuates that Hank probably got into it as well and found everything that Peter had been looking through in his search for answers in the Wheeler case. Liz and Peter go back and forth about asking the right questions again, and after showing Liz proof that someone had tampered with evidence files, Peter finally asks if Liz and Navarro killed Wheeler and made it look like a suicide, to which Liz responds, "As smart as you are, you don't know when to stop asking questions." Liz then says Peter can't stay at Hank and gives him a key to the shack behind her house. Hank steps in and Peter tells him to get away now that he knows Hank can't be trusted. 

We cut to Eddie's where Navarro slips in and climbs into bed so as to not have to be alone at her place, and we see Peter moving his stuff into Liz's Shack where he's definitely very alone. Liz stops by to get Otis and says she got what he wanted and pulls some heroin out of her pocket. They get in Liz's truck, and she calls Navarro to tell him they're going to head to where Annie died. Liz takes Otis back to her place, and he heads to the bathroom with the drugs as Navarro makes her way to Liz's and sees a little girl pointing just like we saw with her mom Anders and others. 

Liz hears someone at the front door and calls out to Navarro but finds Hank instead. He says Connelly sent him for Otis, and when Liz says she's calling Connelly, he grabs her gun and says to hand him over. Otis tries to leave, and Hank pulls a gun on him and says he's going to do this the way Liz did Wheeler. Liz says they can still fix whatever's going on with Hank, and he says that Liz turned Peter against him and she can't fix that. Otis tries to leave again, and Hank shoots him in the back and tells Liz to back up before shooting Otis again, this time killing him. 

It's at this moment when Peter walks in from his shed and asks what's going on. Liz tells him to think about it before doing anything, and he keeps his gun drawn on Hank who's asking Peter to help get Otis to the truck. Peter doesn't move, and Hank says, "You should know something. I didn't kill Annie. I just moved her body. Blood is blood, Peter. Remember that." And as Hank aims his gun at Liz, Peter shoots him. Navarro finally arrives to find the situation and stops Liz from calling Connelly because she knows he's in on it. 

Navarro hatches a plan to cover up what happened by moving the bodies and putting Hank somewhere he won't be found. Peter agrees to the plan and tells Liz to go help Navarro at the caves while he cleans up. Navarro tells him after he's done cleaning take the bodies to Rose and ask her to take him to Julia. True Detective Season 4 Episode 5, ends with Liz and Navaro heading out towards the caves.
  • Series Title : True Detective
  • Season : 4
  • Total Episodes : 6
  • Release Date : February 9, E5
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Drama, Mystery
  • OTT Platform : HBO, MAX
  • Runtime : 60 Minutes
  • Origin of Country : US
  • Rating : 6.2 IMDb
  • Cast : Jodie Foster, Kali Reis, Finn Bennett, Anna Lambe, Joel Montgrand

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