True Detective Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

True Detective Season 4 Episode 3
True Detective Season 4 Episode 3, opens with a flashback from 7 years ago, where we find Navarro attempting to arrest Annie Kowtok for trespassing at the mines. However, Annie says she's got a mother giving birth and the arrest will have to wait. Navarro ends up helping with the birth, and when the baby's born, it's not breathing for a few moments. But then Annie is able to resuscitate her.

Back in present day, Hank is rounding up a task force of pure-blooded gun toting Americans to go on a hunt for Raymond Clark. Navarro attempts to calm him down and take a more sensible, less lethal approach, but Hank seems to be out for blood. As the men leave, Navarro picks up an orange one of them dropped, and we cut to the intro where we see an orange peel floating in the water. It looks like this will become an important plot device moving forward.

Peter tells Liz about Lund's situation at the hospital, and Liz has Peter move the Clark evidence to another room. She also tells him to crack Annie's phone. Peter then asks Liz again about what happened between her and Navarro, and she shares the Wheeler case, which Navarro referenced in the last episode. Liz explains that this Wheeler guy had a history of sexual assault, armed robbery, and battery. She goes on to say they got a call, but when they showed up, they were too late; Wheeler had killed his girlfriend and also himself. But we can see in the flashback that he was definitely still alive when they arrived, leading us to assume Liz and Navarro probably killed him instead. Liz says the falling out is because Navarro was upset that they couldn't do more to help the girl.

Back to the manhunt, Navarro pulls the orange from her pocket and throws it off into the distance, and then it rolls back to her feet. Moments later, she's called down to the station to meet with Liz and look through the Clark files. They look through photos, finding one from 2016 and another where Annie's hair had faded over time. As they work to establish a timeline for when all these pictures were taken, Navarro asks why keep the affair a secret. Then they find one picture of the two of them that had been taken by someone else, so they start looking for more. They find one with what appears to be hair dye on it and head to meet with a local hairdresser named Susan.

When they walk into her shop, we can hear a song playing in the background, the lyrics saying "no one knows you like I do", communicating that Susan may have known Annie on a level nobody else did, which we soon find out was true. They question Susan about Annie and Raymond, and she says she used to cut the men's hair at Tsalal, and one time Annie tagged along during the trip out there. Annie and Raymond hit it off, and Raymond became infatuated with her, her tattoo, which we learned she dreamt about during high school a bunch of times, and that after getting the tattoo, the dreams stopped. The inclusion of the Carcosa SL Tuttle cult spiral is one of the most interesting things about this season.

Susan goes on to say Annie changed when she started dating Raymond, mainly that she didn't want anyone to know they were together, which was weird for her. Susan also says she was dating a man at Tsalal named Oliver too, and Liz says there was no Oliver there. Susan says he was an equipment engineer who left right before Annie died. Liz asks where they could find him, and Susan says probably somewhere out in the ice hunting. Susan says she did call the police and without giving her name, told them about Clark. Navarro asks who she talked to, and then we cut to Liz and Navarro on the hunt for Hank. On their drive, Navarro says Hank buried this info because the mine is behind it all, and Liz counters asking what about Clark, the tongue showing up 6 years later, and the men going out to die on the ice, none of which Navarro has an answer for. Liz says it's definitely not voodoo magic or anything like that, and they just need to ask the right questions to find the real answers behind it all. Liz's phone buzzes, and Navarro asks if it's fantasy football again, but Liz says it's Tinder. Navarro gives her a hard time about it, and Liz asks what she does when she's lonely. Navarro says she prays and then references the war story from episode one when she says she listens. She then asks Liz, "Do you ever just want to disappear, just walk out and never stop?"

Then we're back at the hockey rink, and Hank shows up with some of Peter's old ice skates for Darwin. Then Navarro and Liz arrive to confront him on why he never reported the call about Annie and Raymond. Hank says Annie was sleeping around a lot, and he didn't think he should log every guy she slept with. Liz cuts in and tells Hank to go back to his search and call off his hillbilly friends, or she'll file a negligence report on him, to which he responds, "Maybe he should file a report on her for playing Mrs. Robinson with his kid," which triggers Liz, and she smacks Hank's coffee into his face. Navarro storms out after Hank's literal slap on the wrist, and Liz asks Peter where her forensic tech is. Peter says they can't get in due to a blizzard, and Liz says that won't work because the bodies will be thawed and sent to Anchorage by then. Peter then suggests they bring in his cousin, who's a veterinarian, and Liz tells Peter to give him a call.

Back out on the ice, Navarro meets Eddie in a fishing shack to ask him if he knows Oliver. Eddie says he doesn't, and when Navarro wants him to ask around, Eddie says she'll have to share something about herself first, which she doesn't like and storms out. But decides to come back, and Eddie asks her about her mom. Navarro says her mom left Alaska and met her dad in Boston, who was a bad abusive man. After a while, her mom brought them back to Alaska, and that she was not okay. She'd hear voices, have episodes, and then one day she left and never came back. While she was away, she was killed, and the killer was never found. Navarro also says she never knew her aupoq's name, and then tells Eddie that's his intel, and it's his turn to go get hers.

Back in town, Leah meets with a girlfriend at a gathering of Silver Sky Mine protesters, where we can hear a man saying the marine life is dying and their water is poisoned. They say they want the truth, clean water, and the mine closed. The man then shares that a baby boy passed that morning, marking another stillbirth in the community. Liz is back home, and as she's putting a turkey in the fridge, she hears a weird sound and pauses for a moment before she hears Leah come back home. Liz finds Leah in her room, and they have an argument over the protesters when Leah brings up the rise in stillbirths in the area. Liz seems to empathize for just a moment, but then forces Leah to remove the markings from her chin.

We cut to Navarro out on the ice where she sees the boy from Liz's memories, and as she begins to follow him, she falls and hits her head. She sits up to find herself back in a war zone, and the boy says to her, "Tell my mommy something." Navarro wakes back up on the ice and receives a call from a local named Kenny who says Julia started screaming that someone was coming, started praying, and then ran out. Navarro finds Julia at an old boat wreck, and Julia says something about the water and the sea. Then she says she thinks stuff, bad stuff, and the scene ends.

Next, Peter arrives home late from work and climbs into bed with Kayla when he knocks everything off the nightstand and wakes Darwin. After getting their kid back to bed, Peter and Kayla argue about work, and he misses a call from Danvers, who wants to know if Peter has found anything on Oliver yet.

We cut to the following day, December 23rd, which is the sixth day of night, when Liz visits a group of local women. During the scene, one of the women is missing an eye and has a scar mirroring the polar bear we've seen throughout this show. Between the girl, the polar bear, and Liz's son covering his eye in some of her flashbacks, there's got to be a connection between it all in some way. Liz goes to the bathroom to wash her hands, and then we cut to the hockey rink where Peter's cousin Vince examines the corpsicle and tells Liz that he believes the men died before they froze, likely of a heart attack. Liz says they'll have to see what information Anchorage shares after they autopsy the bodies and asks Peter about Annie's phone, which he says they're still working on.

Navarro walks in and says she found Oliver living in a nomad camp on the North Shore, and they head out to meet with him. Upon walking into his home, he asks Navarro who she is, and after giving him her birth name, he says, "Oh, you forgot, didn't you?" She says they're here to talk about Annie, and Oliver says they need to leave. They inform him that the Tsalal team is dead, and he seems to be shocked by this. He asks if Lund is dead, and Navarro says he's in the hospital but not doing well. Oliver tells them to leave yet again, this time with his gun drawn, and the ladies head out. 

Dispatch radios and say they got a call regarding Lund at the hospital, and they head over to meet him. Liz asks what happened that night, and Anders says, "We woke her, and now she's out in the ice." Liz asks who, and he just says, "She came for us in the dark," and Liz keeps asking who but doesn't get an answer as the nurse has to sedate him. Just then, the hospital turns to chaos as the hunters and troopers are fighting in the waiting room, while Liz gets everything under control. Navarro is left with Anders, where he sits up in bed and says, "Hello, Evangeline, your mother says hello and she's waiting for you." Just before Anders dies, they find Peter in the waiting room, and he says he cracked Annie's phone and plays a video of Annie saying she found it, and then we hear her screaming, and what is likely the final moments of her life. And here True Detective Season 4 Episode 3, ends.
  • Series Title : True Detective
  • Season : 4
  • Total Episodes : 6
  • Release Date : January 28, 2024-E3
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Drama, Mystery
  • OTT Platform : HBO, MAX
  • Runtime : 56 Minutes
  • Origin of Country : US
  • Rating : 7.3 IMDb
  • Cast : Jodie Foster, Kali Reis, Finn Bennett, Anna Lambe, Joel Montgrand

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