Constellation Episode 4 Ending Explained

Constellation Episode 4
Constellation Episode 4, titled "The Left Hand of God" opens in an alternate present day where Magnus is still around and is hiking with Alice through the woods, talking about what they're going to do and where they might go. They eventually arrive at a cabin. Alice says she's nervous, and Magnus says, "You're not going to see her again, you know that, right?" This definitely seems to indicate that Jo isn't the only person seeing both realities and that perhaps the reason Alice is scared of Jo is that she's quite literally being haunted by her.

Next, we're back in time at Jo's home where they're celebrating her birthday. Later in the evening, Magnus says they didn't leave things in a good way before Jo went to space, which confuses Jo because that's not how she remembered it. Magnus then asks if Jo still loves him, and she says of course she does. That night, Jo has a dream of being back up in the space station. The following day, Jo returns to work at the ESA, and that night, Jo and Magnus discuss what specifically happened that bothered him before she left. Magnus says he was beginning to wonder about Jo and Frederic, and she denies having an affair. Magnus then says that he dated someone while Jo was gone, but they only had drinks and kissed once.

Next, we see Henry at work where he writes "stress trauma lithium 7 and death in space" on a whiteboard, which is going to prove to be a rather important plot device later in this episode and possibly even the remainder of the show. We're then back on the ship with Bud where the Captain announces an incident with a missing passenger, and they have to make a stop while they try to sort it out. During this announcement, we can see FBI agents making their way on board the ship. Back with Henry, Michaela says the CAL experiment failed and the project is being shut down, and he'll need to come back home.

Next, Jo meets with a psychiatrist and tells her that things don't seem to be how she left them, like the color of her car and the fact that there's a piano in her home which she doesn't even play. She goes on to say that she also sees Paul, or at least his ghost, and that sometimes she feels like she's still up there at the space station. The doctor tells Jo this sounds like PTSD and that she'll prescribe her lithium to calm things, which is interesting considering lithium is what Henry had written on his whiteboard. More on this in a bit.

Henry meets Jo outside her appointment and asks if she'd like to see the CAL experiment. Jo says she doesn't remember much about the CAL before the accident. He tells Jo about members of another crew that also experienced weird things in space, and while he's talking, she notices what he had written on his whiteboard, piquing her interest. After having just been prescribed lithium by her doctor, Henry goes on to talk about the phenomenon known as the left hand of God that pilots used to feel when flying at high altitudes. He tells a story about a man who heard his dead son speak to him while flying, then asks Jo if she's ever seen anything weird before. She answers, and the CAL experiment starts running again, and Jo experiences the same strange headache that she had experienced before when being around the CAL device. We then see a very short clip of what looks like another Jo in space with a bandaged up face. It's now making sense why Jo is grabbing her face during these events.

Back on the ship, Bud places a phone call to someone, maybe a granddaughter by the sound of it, and he goes on about needing to contact someone, and the other person says it's basically all in his head and that he just needs to take his medication, the same lithium medication that we've seen everyone else taking. Jo and Magnus meet with Alice's teacher who says Alice is exhibiting strange behavior like hiding in cabinets and talking about death. The teacher, Magnus's colleague, seems to know a lot about them, indicating that she's likely the one Magnus was hooking up with while Jo was away. Also during this conversation, the teacher says Alice is in a liminal space between the ages of 9 and 10, which is interesting because the last time this word was used Henry was explaining a particle being somewhere in the middle of black and white, in a liminal space.

Back at home, Jo's going through old clothes to give to Alice but can't find her. She heads to the spare room and finds Alice hiding in a wardrobe again. Jo asks Alice not to shut her out and that they should go on a trip together. Henry meets with another scientist over FaceTime and discusses the results of the experiment, which the other man says were an error, that Henry didn't build a bridge to another Universe. Henry goes on to say that he believes the experiment affects the observer and how they perceive reality.

Back at home, Jo sits back down at her piano. This time, however, she knows how to play and read music. It seems that her recent reexposure to the CAL experiment may have swapped her again with Jo in the alternate reality or somehow allowed her to access memories or abilities of her other self. Back on the ship, Bud is golfing when the FBI questions him about the missing man, which Bud appears to successfully deflect, at least for the time being.

Jo opens up her prescription and finds that the pills match the same vitamins given to her after her physical exams, so she takes them into the office to test them. As she's walking through the hall, she hears Henry having a conversation with someone, saying, "I want us to agree on what's causing this, convince me I'm not going insane," which will be important here in just a minute. Jo tests the pills and finds they are in fact the same serotonin inhibitor lithium medication. She heads to her desk to look into things and finds that she's been given a different vitamin than everyone else on her crew, then finds others from the past who were given the same pills as her who also reported seeing strange things in space, one of which was Henry. During the time in her office, men enter the room to clear things out. She tries to interact with the men, but they don't notice her until she stands in front of one of them, and he sees her for a brief moment before disappearing and leaving Jo alone once again in her office.

Jo goes to meet with Henry, and he appears to be speaking to himself through a reflection and says, "If you hadn't been so curious, none of this would have happened," then turns to Jo and says, "Curiosity killed the cat." Once again going back to the swing set conversation, Henry said one particle could be in two places at once, black in one and white in the other, but then another in the middle where it's both black and white. Could this third Henry be the black and white version? The following day, Jo meets with Frederic, who says he still wants Jo as much as before and wants them to work out their contracts and then move away together, but Jo clearly has no idea what he's talking about and no interest in going with him.

Jo then speaks to Alice's class and connects the dots that Magnus and his CAL worker had something else going on, and she storms out. Jo attempts to drive them home, then grabs her face in pain as she nearly wrecks the car. We then see the FBI agent looking over the security footage from Bud's cruise ship, but she sees the same shape the CAL device creates, and Bud and Irene disappear from the footage, preventing the FBI agent from seeing what really happened that night on the ship.

Frederic arrives at Jo's place, and Magnus asks if they had an affair, and Frederic says yes. Jo asks him to leave, and Magnus also storms out. Jo then finds some mail that has a letter and a tape of a recording of herself in space and another which is from the 60s where there was an accident leading to the death of a cosmonaut. While listening to the recordings, Alice comes downstairs to find a bunch of people in her home, including Paul in another version of herself and what looks like a funeral for Jo, yet again showing another reality where Paul survived and Jo never made it back. 

Magnus tucks Alice into her cabinet, then argues with Jo downstairs about taking medication, and he says he's going to call Frederic to get her some help. Jo doesn't like this and pushes Magnus down, where he hits the piano. Based on what Alice said in prior episodes about what Jo did with her dad, interestingly, Magnus's left eye is what hits the corner of the piano, matching the injury we saw on the other Jo up in space and is the same eye Jo grabs when she's having one of her episodes. Constellatoin Episode 4, ends with the strange painting of the demon-looking character in the cabin.

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