Constellation Episode 6 Ending Explained

Constellation Episode 6
Constellation Episode 6, titled "Paul is Dead," opens on the ISS with Paul setting up the CAL device and Jo on a FaceTime call with Alice. We see the conversation happening in both English, with Alice in a blue shirt, and Swedish, with Alice in a red and blue sweater. This time, though, when things go haywire, we're shown one Jo seemingly watching another slam into a window and bloody up her face quite a bit.

After the intro, we're shown what happened in the other reality where Paul survives and attempts to save Jo. As he does, we see Irene's Cosmonaut suit narrowly missing the space station and whizzing past the camera. Back on Earth, we see Magnus when he's given the news about Jo, sharing it with Alice. They then travel to Kazakhstan, where Alice asks, "When you die in space, do you also die on Earth?" Magnus just tells her to get some sleep.

Back on the ISS, it looks like Paul's searching for a missing CAL device and tells the other astronauts to pass along the news that he lost it. But they say they don't know what he's talking about. This proves that this Paul is from the other reality, the one that was performing The CAL experiment, and he swapped over to this one. Much like the Jo from this reality passed over to the other. This also proves the CAL device was only existent in the other reality and not both.

Back on the ground, Magnus finds Alice hiding in a cabinet, watching videos of other catastrophic events, and attempts to make her come out. But she insists on staying, and after kicking the furniture a few times, she sees Jo approaching, mirroring what we saw back in an earlier episode but from Jo's perspective.

We cut back to Paul, who's seeing and hearing things like Jo's voice from the other reality. This naturally freaks him out quite a bit, and he asks Ground Control if he can just leave the body up there instead of bringing her back home. He then tells Jo to stop breathing, just like Jo heard him say in her reality. And when he grabs her hand to move her, he sees a very alive Jo right in front of him. As he pushes her away and closes the door, we see his hand through the glass, just as Jo had seen it back in episode 2.

Alice and Wendy are swinging together when Erica yells, "Wendy, daddy's coming home." Paul prepares to head home when he gets the same bolt System error that Jo got on her end. We once again see a shadowy figure approaching the flashing light. Back inside the station just before the spacecraft is released for flight, Paul looks out the window to see Jo back inside for a brief moment, but then she disappears, and he heads back to Earth.

Paul makes it home and kisses his wife and says, "I love you so much, Frida," and she says, "Erica is my name." Within, we see Paul laying a flower at Jo's tree to pay his respects. As he kneels down, we can see him holding a piece of paper with the Edith Soodan poem titled "On Foot I Had to Cross the Solar System," which is the poem Jo heard him reading in the other reality. As Paul stands up, he sees Jo looking back at him for a brief moment before disappearing.

Later, Paul has a meal with the rest of his crew, as well as Alice and Magnus. Alice asks why Jo was left up there, and as Paul's explaining what happened, Magnus storms out of the room with Alice. Paul then turns to see the other Universe where a memorial area had been set up for him and not Jo. His crewmates ask if he's had his psyche evaluation, to which he says, "I determine how I feel." Alice is then seen walking outside with her rabbit when she looks up at an empty window where Henry appears in the reflection, waving back at her, which is the same Henry we saw back in episode 3 who observed both versions of Alice through this very window.

Alice steps inside and throws a rabbit down and begins stomping on it, proving this was, in fact, the other Alice we saw in an earlier episode. Wendy then comes in and asks Alice why she's doing that, to which Alice says the rabbit's for kids and then rips one of the eyes out, sort of symbolizing what happened to Jo up in space. Next, Paul's being asked by a panel about his account of what happened on the ISS when he begins talking about the CAL experiment, which nobody seems to understand. They show him recordings of what he was working on, which was definitely not the CAL, and Paul's told the CAL project was abandoned 12 years ago. The conversation changes to the decision on leaving Jo up there, which Frederic is pretty upset about because, as we know in this universe, he and Jo were having an affair. Paul simply says he was ordered to leave her, appearing to not want to take responsibility for the choice that he made.

Back at home, Alice's destroying gifts she and others had prepared for Jo's return from space. And she begins to hear Jo playing the piano in the alternate reality, but she's got quite a confused look on her face as she looks around because there's no piano in her home.

Paul then watches a conspiracy video of the Apollo 18 mission where Bud could be heard saying that two men had died. After watching these videos, he meets with Michaela and asks where Henry, the man who built the CAL machine, is. Michaela says she assumes he's either drunk or dead in a ditch somewhere, and Paul storms out.

Magnus and Alice have people over for Jo's wake, where Magnus finds Alice once again hiding in the cabinet. Alice says she doesn't understand why they would say goodbye while Jo is still up in space. Alice then reaches out to touch her beads when Paul arrives at the Wake. He has a bit of a breakdown outside about leaving Jo up there and that maybe she's even still alive. Erica says they should just go home, but he heads inside anyway, where we see him taking the same red and yellow pills that we've seen all the other astronauts taking.

Paul tells Wendy to go check on Alice, and the girls come back to the table where Wendy says, "My dad thinks your mom may still be alive," and just then, both Paul and Alice look over to see the other Alice having entered the room, and they each collectively lose their minds.

After the scene, Magnus tells Alice they need to get away, and Alice demands that they go out to the cabin. Michaela meets with Erica after Paul goes missing and says they'll likely need to send him away to treat him for high altitude psychosis after he's found. Magnus and Alice head out to the cabin, but Magnus says they're not able to make it with the car, so Alice insists that they walk. They eventually arrive, and Alice says she always liked the paintings of the changeling, and Magnus breaks down when Alice says not to worry because they'll see Jo again one day, and Magnus says they won't because she's dead, and that they'll have to start again.

We finally see Bud for the first time this episode when Paul shows up outside his apartment. Paul tells Bud he needs his help in getting some answers. They go inside and discuss Apollo 18 where Paul says he recalls there being an accident. Bud says, "Yeah, there was an accident. There was a sudden loss of pressure, and two men died." Paul said, "Nobody died. It was repaired by you," and says he needs answers. Bud says he can't go back there because it's what happened even if it's not what he thought happened. Paul demands Bud tell him why he's there, and Bud pulls a gun and says, "You tell me why you're here," and he does pull the trigger, presumably killing Paul, considering the title of this episode is "Paul is Dead."

Back at the cabin, Alice sees car lights outside and runs to the window to find Jo getting out of her car, the blue one, and the episode ends.

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