Renegade Nell Series Cast

Renegade Nell Series Cast
Action, adventure and science fiction drama seires " Renegade Nell," on Dinsney+ has been released on 29 March 2024, with total 8 episodes. Written by Sally Wainwright and directed by Ben Taylor,Amanda Brotchie and MJ Delaney. On Rotten Tomatoes it received 87 % rating and on IMDb 7.4. We get to see some great cast here. The top cast of this series includes Louisa Harland, Nick Mohammed, Bo Bragason, Florence Keen, Frank Dillane, Jake Dunn, Alice Kremelberg, Enyi Okoronkwo, Ashna Rabhenru, Adrian Lester and Joley Richardson.

Louisa Harland (Nell Jackson)

The central character of the series, Nell is a young woman who returns to her village after her husband's death. She is very fair and determined.

Nick Mohammed (Billy Blind)

A supernatural entity who temporarily grants Nell supernatural fighting abilities, assisting her in moments of danger. Mohammed is very lively in the role but he also helps other with magical stuff.

Bo Bragason (Roxy Jackson) and Florence Keen (George Jackson)

Nell's sisters who join her on her quest for justice. We get to see the family relationships and how they work more interesting.

Frank Dillane (Charles Deveraux)

A fellow highwayman who joins Nell and her sisters on their journey. Dillane's acting makes the story more interesting because Deveraux becomes really important to Nell's journey.

Jake Dunn (Thomas) and Alice Kremelberg (Sofia)

The teenagers of the local magistrate who accuse Nell of murder. Their jobs make the problems and fights in the story happen.

Enyi Okoronkwo (Rasselas)

Thomas and Sofia's servant who accompanies Nell on her quest for justice. His character is very interesting in the relationship of the group.

Ashna Rabheru (Polly Honeycombe)

A young noblewoman who eventually joins Nell's group. Rabheru's character is bit complicated and might make viewers feel romantic.

Adrian Lester (Robert Hennessey)

A character dabbling in the supernatural, posing challenges to Nell and her companions.

Joley Richardson (Lady Eularia Moggerhanger)

A newspaper editor interested in sensationalist stories. Richardson's character makes more problems for Nell and her group.

Now, the story of "Renegade Nell" is about a woman named Nell. She comes back to her village after her husband dies in a war. But she gets involved herself in some dangerous activities with thieves. A magical person named Billy Blind helps her with special powers. But things get worse when two teenagers accuse her of a crime she didn't commit.

Nell has to run away with her sisters, Roxy and George, to find the truth. They get help from different people like a thief named Charles, a servant called Rasselas, and a rich lady named Polly. Along the way, they face challenges from important people like the Earl and a newspaper editor named Lady Eularia.

Nell and her friends try to figure out a problem and show that Nell didn't do anything wrong. They find out about what's fair and who they truly are. The story is very fun with many interesting parts and nice cast.

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