Knuckles Series Cast

Knuckles Series
"Knuckles," an action, adventure, and comedy limited miniseries on Paramount+, created by John Whittington and Toby Ascher, based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega, with a total of six episodes, was released on April 26, 2024. The series received 74% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.4 rating on IMDb. The top cast includes Idris Elba, Adam Pally, Edi Patterson, Stockard Channing, Cary Elwes, Scott Mescudi, Ellie Taylor, Rory McCann, and Christopher Lloyd.

Idris Elba (Knuckles)

He's a very important character in the Sonic world. He's a warrior and used to work for the villains, but then became friends with Sonic and Tails. In this series, Knuckles lives with Sonic and Tails and fights a new enemy alone.

Adam Pally (Wade Whipple)

He's a deputy sheriff. Knuckles trains him to make a warrior, and they fight the enemy together.

Edi Patterson (Wanda Whipple)


She's Wade's sister and an FBI agent. She joins Wade on a trip to Nevada.

Stockard Channing (Wendy Whipple)

She's Wade and Wanda's mom. She likes Knuckles and joins them on the trip to Nevada.

Cary Elwes (Pistol Pete Whipple)

He's a famous bowler and Wade's dad who left when Wade was little.

Scott Mescudi (Agent Mason) 

He's a villain who wants to capture Knuckles and sell his powers.

Ellie Taylor (Agent Willoughby) 

She's also a villain who wants to capture Knuckles and make money from his powers.

Rory McCann (The Buyer)

He's this enigmatic villain who used to be in cahoots with Dr. Robotnik. He wants Knuckles' powers for himself.

Christopher Lloyd (Pachacamac)

He's an old echidna leader who Knuckles thought was dead.

Idris Elba is back as Knuckles in the new series "Knuckles" on Paramount+. This show happens after Sonic the Hedgehog 2 but before Sonic 3. Fans might want to know if something is good for them. In the series, Knuckles trains Wade to be an Akida Warrior. Adam Pally acts as Wade, making sure everything stays the same from the movies.

It's like a cool new version of the Sonic movies. It's funny for kids and has jokes that adults will like also. Each episode is short, about 30 minutes, with quirky moments that move the story along.

The CGI of series is just top-notch, making the action scenes exciting. Even though the fights are over-the-top, but they're very fun for everyone. One episode has a cool one-shot fight scene, and another is a musical rock opera. 

The show is like a road trip buddy comedy, with Wade and Knuckles on an adventure. The music is really good and makes everything more fun.

The only downside is that it focuses more on Wade than Knuckles, despite the title. Wade is a nice guy, so it's easy to care about what happens to him.

Overall, I would say, "Knuckles" a great show on Paramount+, with great music, action, and characters .This story helps connect the Sonic movies. There's no sex or nudity, just a bit of mild language and slapstick violence.

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