Sugar Episode 1& 2 Recap

Sugar Episode 1 Recap
Apple TV+ Sugar Episode 1, titled "Olivia" opens in Tokyo, where we first meet John Sugar as he's working a case for a Crime Boss in search of a missing boy. Before leaving Tokyo, John locks eyes with a guy at the hotel bar. John is beckoned by Jonathan Siegel, a famed filmmaker, to find his missing granddaughter, Olivia, prompting Sugar's return to Los Angeles. After arriving back in town, John meets with his handler, Ruby, and it's outside her place where we first see John dealing with some type of neurological issue with his arm. Ruby is clearly upset at the fact that Sugar went behind her back to accept a case because the two of them agreed John would take a break after Tokyo. John shares that he met with Mrs. Siegel who explains that his granddaughter has a history of drug use and past disappearances, but that this time is different because nobody has heard from her. Ruby tells Sugar he needs to drop the case, but he says he can't because the missing girl reminds him of his sister. Ruby concedes, allowing Sugar to accept the case as long as he agrees to carry a gun she got from him and sees a doctor about his condition.

John picks up his old Corvette from Ruby's and heads to Olivia's Condo building to take a look around. The building manager says Olivia's car hasn't left the garage for 2 weeks, then lets Sugar into her place. While he's there, Olivia's half-brother David comes in to find Sugar poking around. They have a conversation about why each of them is there, and David says his dad asks him to come by every day to see if Olivia has returned. John says, "You're a terrible liar, maybe the worst liar ever," and then says, "Well, Olivia's not here so there's no reason for you to be here either," so David leaves. Sugar's narration kicks in, saying that David was obviously scared of something or someone. Sugar then finds headshots and old newspaper clippings of Olivia's Mom in an old suitcase. He also finds a picture of Olivia and Melanie, an ex-Rockstar who used to be married to Olivia's dad. So, he heads down to the bar where the photos were taken, and on his way inside, we get another glimpse into Sugar's kindness when he offers a homeless man named Carl a couple of hundred dollars to keep an eye on his Corvette while he's inside.

Sugar heads into the bar where he finds Melanie, and they share several drinks. We learn that Sugar evidently has a metabolism that processes alcohol 50 times faster than a normal person, meaning he's basically unable to get drunk. After spending the evening at the bar, Melanie asks for a ride home. Outside, John pays Carl's remaining fee and gives him his cell phone, telling him to call his sister and arrange to move back home. Carl says he'll call her, and John says he'll get Carl a ticket back home the following day. John and Melanie head back to her place where she invites him inside and asks him to stay, which he declines. John heads outside where he finds David's security Kenny watching from the street, and Sugar sends him on his way. This definitely raises the question of why David would have Sugar tailed; it definitely makes him look guilty of something. Sugar heads back to Olivia's to search her car and doesn't find much until he opens the trunk and finds a dead man inside. He heads to his hotel, and as he's walking to his room, he pauses to look at the Moon.

John sets up cameras around his place and digs through the contents of the suitcase he found in Olivia's condo. He then researches what happened with Olivia's mom, and we see that she died in a car accident. He then finds clips of Olivia performing a scene her mom had done in a movie, and there are also some scandalous pictures of Olivia's mom in the suitcase. As John is looking through them, he begins having another episode when it looks like his arm begins to bleed everywhere. He heads to the bathroom to shower, where he later wakes up and realizes what he just experienced wasn't real. He heads to bed and injects himself and the episode ends with another shot of the Moon.

Sugar Episode 2 Recap

Sugar Episode 2, titled "These People, These Places" opens with John swimming in the pool and staring at the moon yet again before going to meet with Olivia's father, Bernie, for breakfast. Bernie says Sugar's wasting his time, and then Olivia is just out on another bender. John then asks Bernie about the Polaroid of Rachel, Olivia's mom, that he found in Olivia's suitcase, specifically if Bernie took the photo, to which Bernie says he did not. Bernie then storms out of breakfast, leading Sugar to believe he's hiding something. John heads back to his room to check the security footage, where he sees that David and Kenny came in his place to look for clues and plant a listening device.

After this scene, Sugar's narration says he's not really worried about David or Bernie, but that he can't have them digging into his past, which definitely has me wondering what it is about his past that he wouldn't want these random insignificant people finding. John hits the streets, asking around about Olivia, and learns that she seems to have moved on from a life of drugs, making it all the more curious as to what led to her disappearance.

We then see Bernie riding around a movie studio in conversation with what appears to be several lawyers, where they're discussing something David seems to have done with eight different women, presumably something in the vein of sexual misconduct. Sugar meets with Siegel to update him on the case. He shares that Olivia had visited a home several times leading up to her disappearance, which was the home of Carmen Vasquez, a woman who was recently murdered, and Olivia's car was there the night Carmen was killed. Sugar says he found Clifford Carter, the man who killed Carmen, dead in the trunk of Olivia's car, but that he wasn't going to report it to the police.

John then meets Melanie at an AA meeting, where she shares what happened the previous night with John, and afterwards they head back to Melanie's place. John asks about Olivia being at her place every night leading up to the disappearance. Melanie says, "How do you know she was driving and that a friend wasn't using the car?" She goes on to say that Olivia is probably using again and will be back any day now, and John says that's exactly the same thing Bernie said. John then shows Melanie a picture of Clifford Carter, and she walks off saying she's never seen him before in her life. John says he knows she's hiding something, and Melanie tells him that he needs to leave.

On his way out, John places a tracking device on Melanie's car and calls someone named Charlie, saying, "I think she knows where the girl is, and she'll take us there tomorrow." He then says, "Let's get the van ready." Later that night, John's driving around town when he sees Carl's dog running through the streets. John uses GPS to find Carl at a local motel, and upon arriving, finds that he had overdosed and died. John tries to drop Wiley at Ruby's, but she says no and asks John if he's taking care of the body in the trunk yet. As John heads to deal with that, Ruby makes a call to someone, saying that John knows he's being tailed and that obviously they are watching him.

Sugar arrives at Olivia's car, where he finds an empty and very clean trunk, but he does find a hair in the carpet, which he takes with him. Back with Bernie and David, they go through what they found in Sugar's hotel room, including the invitation to some kind of party with only a date and time for the following night. Bernie then sends David and Kenny on their way, saying to find out everything they can about John Sugar and to bring him a report the following night. Back at John's hotel, he digs into the connection between Carmen Vasquez, Clifford Carter, and Olivia Siegel.

To wrap up the episode, we see the woman named Teresa going home with her children and being cornered by one guy. He says that he hasn't heard from Clifford in quite some time and he knows that he was hooking up with Teresa's sister. The man then shows Teresa a picture of Melanie and asks if she knows her. The man says, "Say thank you. We'll talk to her next," as the episode ends.

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