Sugar Apple TV Cast

Sugar Apple TV Cast
Apple TV+'s crime, drama and mystery series 'Sugar' was created by Mark Protosevich and directed by Fernando Meirelles. On Rotten Tomatoes the series received 80% rating, while on IMDb it received 7.8. The series consists of a total of 8 episodes, with only the first 2 episodes released on April 5, 2024. Subsequent episodes will be released every Friday. The top cast of "Sugar" includes Colin Farrell, Kirby, James Cromwell, Dennis Boutsikaris, Nate Corddry and Amy Ryan. 

Colin Farrell (John Sugar)
The charismatic and mysterious lead character, John Sugar is a private investigator with a passion for cinema. He knows his profession is too dangerous but he doesn't like violence and wants to see the world in a positive way. Farrell shows him as someone who is naturally charming and mysterious.

Kirby (Ruby)
John's handler who becomes deeply concerned about his health. She worried about John's cases because cases might put everyone in danger if he were to know the truth. So, she tells him to stop working on those cases.

James Cromwell (Jonathan Siegel)
A legendary movie producer who hires John to find his missing granddaughter, Olivia. Siegel's character shows John the secret and not very good part of Hollywood's rich and famous people.

Dennis Boutsikaris (Bernie)
Jonathan Siegel's son and a sleazy producer. He is not overly concerned about his missing daughter due to her past struggles with drug addiction.

Nate Corddry (David)
Bernie's son, an entitled former child star with a scandalous past that his family tries to keep hidden.

Amy Ryan (Melanie)
Bernie's ex-wife and a former rock star who spends her nights alone at an exclusive nightclub. She becomes friends with John in a complicated way as the story goes on.

Now let's talk about the story. John Sugar plays by Colin Farrell, who is our main character here, is a detective, solving cases in Tokyo. He's a bit different from the typical tough detective – he's kind-hearted and loves classic movies. When he returns to Los Angeles, he becomes part of a big problem. A famous movie producer named Jonathan Siegel, wants Sugar to locate his granddaughter, Olivia, a recovering drug addict whose latest disappearance appears to be different from her typical benders. John Sugar is primarily excited about this role because he is a major film buff and is a big fan of Jonathan Seagull's films. So he jumps at the opportunity to help him with this caseJohn gets to know that Jonathan's family has lots of secrets.

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