Them Season 2 Cast

Them Season 2
Prime Video horror and anthology drama series "Them," created by Little Marvin and executive produced by Lena Waithe, has been released for a second season on April 25, 2024, titled "Them: The Scare." The first season was consisted of a total of 10 episodes, while the second season has two fewer episodes, making it 8 episodes long. The second season of "Them" has received 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 7.5 rating on IMDb. In this season, there have been some cast changes. The top cast for season 2 includes Deborah Ayorinde, Luke James, Joshua J. Williams III, Pam Grier, Iman Shumpert, Charles Brice, Carlito Olivero, Wayne Knight, and Jeremy Bobb.

Deborah Ayorinde (Dawn Reeve)

She's the main character, a cop who investigates a foster mother's murder. She's one of the few Black female officers in the LAPD. She's determined and skilled but has had some troubles in the past. She has a son named Kelvin and recently divorced her husband Corey.

Luke James (Edmund Gaines)

He's a guy who works at a pizza place and dreams of being an actor. But there's something strange about him, and his story runs spooky way.

Joshua J. Williams (Kel Reeve) 

Kel is Dawn's son.She does everything to protect him from life's dangers and her work, but Kel has a secret he's not telling her.

Pam Grier (Athena) 

Athena is Dawn's mother and Kel's grandmother. She is a proud and religious woman.She loves her family. But like many characters in the show, she's hiding something too.

Iman Shumpert (Corey)

Corey is Dawn's ex-boyfriend and a musician.

Charles Brice (Reggie)

Reggie is a lawyer and Dawn's love interest. 

Carlito Olivero (Joaquin Diaz)


Joaquin is a member of the LAPD and Dawn's partner. He assists her with the case that they are jointly working on.

Wayne Knight (Lieutenant Schiff)

He's Dawn's boss at the police station. He's not always in the best mood, but he gives Dawn the job of solving the murder case.

Jeremy Bobb (Ronald McKinney)

McKinney is another detective working with Dawn on the murder case. He's known for being passionate and sometimes a bit too hot-headed.

"Them" season 2 is about a detective named Dawn Reeve who works in Los Angeles in 1991. She is investigating a case to determine who killed a foster mother. You will get to see a lot of racism and how it affects people here. Dawn is a black woman working with mostly white cops, and because of racism, she feels very uncomfortable working with them. The show feels tense and scary because of the time it's set in, right after the Rodney King beatings.

Deborah Ayorinde, who was in the first season, plays Dawn this time. She does an excellent job expressing Dawn's roughness and also tenderness. The show has a number of difficult scenes in which you can see how racist certain officers are. There's also a guy named Edmund Gaines who's a standout character because he's both scary and fascinating.

The story is really interesting, murders, riots, and family problems are packed on it. The visuals and effects are excellent, especially when they show characters' emotions. Sometimes it's really scary, but they don't show everything, which can be even scarier.

There are some parts of the story that feel like they don't really matter, like Dawn's relationship with someone, and some things about Edmund that come out of nowhere. Also, there's a part that might be saying something about white people saving black people, but it's not very clear. There's bit sex, nudity, swearing, and violence.

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