Mother of the Bride Netflix Cast

Mother of the Bride Netflix
Netflix's romantic comedy movie "Mother of the Bride," directed by Mark Waters and written by Robin Bernheim, was released on May 9, 2024. The movie on Rotten Tomatoes received 17% rating, and on IMDb, it received 5.0 rating. The top cast of "Mother of the Bride" includes Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, Benjamin Bratt, Chad Michael Murray, Rachael Harris,Sean Teale, Wilson Cruz, Michael McDonald and Tasneem Roc.

Brooke Shields (Lana)

Brooke Shields plays Lana, the mother of the bride. Lana is surprised to learn that her daughter, who's been away for a year, is getting married in a month. She's also shocked to find out that her daughter's fiancé's father is her old college boyfriend.

Miranda Cosgrove (Emma)

Miranda Cosgrove plays Emma, the bride-to-be. Emma returns home after a year in London and surprises her mother by announcing that she's getting married in Thailand in a month.

Benjamin Bratt (Will)

Benjamin Bratt plays Will, Emma's fiancé's father and Lana's ex-boyfriend from college. Will and Lana still like each other, and it makes more dramatic the story.

Chad Michael Murray (Lucas)

Chad Michael Murray plays Lucas, a first-aid responder who becomes romantically interested in Lana.Lana's interest in Lucas makes it hard for her to reconnect with Will, but her sister tells her to give Lucas a chance.

Rachael Harris (Janice)

Rachael Harris plays Janice, Lana's sister, who is aware of Lana's history with Will. She tries to mediate between them to ensure the wedding goes smoothly.

Sean Teale (RJ) 

Sean Teale plays RJ, he is a nice guy from London who wants to marry Emma. He proposes to her in a romantic way. In the movie, RJ has trouble dealing with Emma's mom and also tries to connect with his own dad, played by Benjamin Bratt.

Wilson Cruz (Scott)

Scott is Lana's friend. Scott is kind and understanding. He helps everyone at the wedding.Wilson Cruz makes Scott seem caring and reliable, even when secrets come out.

Michael McDonald (Clay)

Clay works at the resort where the wedding happens. Clay is very funny guy, bringing humor to the story.

Tasneem Roc (Camala)

Camala. She's a guest at the wedding and gets involved in the drama. Camala is a very complicated person, with her own secrets and reasons for being there.

"Mother of the Bride" is about Lana's daughter, Emma, coming back from abroad and surprising her mom with the news that she's getting married in Thailand in just a month. The twist? Emma's future husband is the son of Lana's old flame who broke her heart years ago. 

Its made primarily focusing Gen X audience. It's also funny and has things that people around 50 years old will like.

The movie rather than focusing on Cosgrove and her impending nuptials, its focused on Shields and her interactions. The characters are grounded and convincingly portray a protective mother trying to navigate newly unearthed feelings that had been buried many years prior. The movie deals with regrets over past actions, particularly those that one is not proud of.

For romcoms, 88 minutes is a perfect length. The story arcs are obvious and tick just about every box necessary for a romcom. While character development is thin, some story additions, such as Chad Michael Murray's character, are unnecessary. Some plot pressures are vaguely defined and uninteresting, especially with Miranda Cosgrove's business ventures.

The locations are beautiful. The setting is Thailand, with coastal views, tropical images, and the backdrop of a Posh Resort. The quaint and relaxing atmosphere complements the easygoing style of the narrative. The characters are very likeable, friendly, and get along well, seem like they've been friends for a long time.

The most surprising thing about this movie is how ripped Benjamin Bratt and Wilson Cruz are for being above 49 years old.

While not the best romcom ever made, it is very far from the worst. Just seeing the cast makes it a simple and fun casual watch, with no sex or nudity, a tiny bit of profanity, and no violence.

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