Netflix Bodkin Series Cast

Bodkin Netflix Cast
Netflix's Irish dark comedy thriller miniseries "Bodkin," created by Jez Scharf and directed by Nash Edgerton, was officially released on May 9, 2024, comprising a total of 7 episodes. It received 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and on IMDb it received 7.0 rating. The top cast of 'Bodkin' includes Will Forte, Siobhán Cullen, Robyn Cara, David Wilmot, Chris Walley, Ger Kelly, and Denis Conway.

Will Forte (Gilbert Power)

Will Forte acts as Gilbert Power. He's the main protagonist here, American but with Irish roots. He's visiting for work from the Guardian to make his podcast. He's nice and  tries to uncover new things for his show. Even though he has money problems and personal troubles, he doesn't quit.

Siobhán Cullen (Dove)

Siobhán Cullen plays Dove. She is an investigative journalist. She's from the town and has to look into her past problems unwillingly. She doesn't trust easily at someone and keeps her feelings to herself, but she's set on finding the truth.

Robyn Cara (Emmy)

Robyn Cara plays Emmy, She is an assistant of Gilbert, who helps Dove and Gilbert. She likes how Gilbert works but disagrees with Dove sometimes. She wants become an investigative reporter.

David Wilmot (Seamus Gallagher)

David Wilmot plays Seamus Gallagher, a local with a mysterious past. He wants to know what's the truth, even if he has to do bad action, he will do.

Chris Walley (Sean O'Shea)

Chris Walley plays Sean O'Shea, who drives the trio around. He starts to like Emmy, but he's not completely honest, which makes Dove suspicious.

Ger Kelly (Teddy Power)

Ger Kelly plays Teddy Power. Teddy is a blacksmith. Teddy has a sad past. His work helps the investigation.

Denis Conway (Sergeant Power)

Denis Conway plays Sergeant Power. At first, he doesn't help much, but later, his secrets come out. He's not as simple as he seems.

A group of people who make podcasts go to find out what happened to three people who disappeared in a perfect Irish town. But as they figure it out, they find a much bigger and weirder story than they expected. The main characters are Dove, Emmy, and Gilbert, played by Siobhán CullenRobyn Cara, and Will Forte. They have a funny but kind of mean way of talking to each other because they have different personalities. They joke around a lot, and it's funny, but more like how people in the UK joke, not like Americans.

Even though the show is supposed to be funny and mysterious, I didn't know I would get so interested in the mystery. The story is a bit hard to understand and keeps changing, but it's interesting anyway. It's not confusing, but it's not too easy to guess what will happen next. Most of the characters are sneaky and have secrets. Some don't trust the podcasters, and others are hiding things from a long time ago.

Will Forte is funny but serious sometimes. Siobhán Cullen's character is tough and doesn't like the other two at first, but she changes. Robyn Cara's character starts off shy but becomes more confident.

Most of the show is good and doesn't waste time, but one part in episode 5 repeats a scene too much. Each episode is about 45 to 50 minutes long, but they keep the story moving. I liked how they mixed humor and mystery without it feeling weird. The actors are all good, and the main three have a good dynamic.

Some parts of the story seem a little fake, and some scenes could be shorter, but it's not a big problem. There's some sex and violence.

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