True Detective Season 4 Episode 2 Recap

True Detective Season 4 Episode 2
True Detective Season 4 Episode 2, opens back at the crime scene on the fourth day of night, where Liz and Peter are analyzing the corpsicle of the Tsalal research team. When Peter asks if the investigation will be pushed off to the Anchorage police, Liz says, "Nah, we're keeping it, observing from afar." Rose tells Navarro to leave this one for someone else. Navarro says she can't because it's tied to Annie's case, to which Rose says, "Oh, then you're screwed," and then tells Navarro to come see her later. Navarro turns to leave and she kicks something on the ground, which turns out to be the folded clothes of the Tsalal team.

Back at the corpsicle, one of the cops accidentally snaps off a frozen arm, and one of the twisted-up dead guys starts shouting. Now I think this character is Anders Lund, based on the events that happened throughout this episode, but they actually never tell us who this guy is.

After the intro, Liz visits in his high school, and as she's walking through the hall, she's on a call with a nurse discussing someone going into surgery who will have to have their leg amputated. Of course, I believe this to be Andre Lund, but they never tell us in this episode. It's kind of frustrating throughout this whole episode; they never tell us who that guy was, and they kind of allude to the fact that they're going in for surgery and they're still alive, but for some reason, they never tell us. Liz asks how soon they can talk to him, and she's told not today because he's in an induced coma.

Liz meets with the science teacher Bryce to ask what's being researched out at Tsalal. Bryce says they were a sort of reclusive group of madmen that have spent decades researching an extinct microorganism that could potentially cure a range of cancers and other autoimmune diseases. Bryce goes on to say the fact is the Perma is too hard and damages the microorganism, so it was never going to work anyway.

Navarro meets with Rose, and we learn that Travis was a love interest of Rose's who ended his own life after a battle with Leukemia. The more we learn about Travis, the more I'm convinced that this is actually Rust Cohle's father.

By the sound of it, Travis drowned himself and was discovered by Navarro, which makes me believe the dance he was doing in episode one was, in fact, more of a reenactment of him drowning. Navarro asks Rose when she started seeing the dead, and she said it started with Travis, but that people in Ennis see dead people all the time. Rose goes on to say the world is getting old, and Ennis is where the fabric of all things is coming apart at the seams.

Navarro asks how Rose deals with seeing dead people, and Rose says the thing about the dead is that some visit because they miss her, and some because they need to tell her something, and some because they want to take her with them, and that she needs to know the difference. Navarro explains the situation with her sister seeing things and that their dead mother is calling her, and Rose says not to confuse the spirit world with mental health issues and that it sounds like Julia needs treatment. As Navarro's leaving, Rose asks her about the spiral on one of the scientists' foreheads. Navarro says she's seen it before, years ago, and asks Rose what it is. Rose just says it's old, older than Ennis, probably even older than the ice.

Liz returns to the station to find Captain Connelly, who says he'll have the case moved to Anchorage. Liz says the case stays with her and cites a manual about how to deal with frozen bodies while they thaw, essentially giving herself 48 hours to make progress. When Connelly asks where Liz will put the bodies, we cut to the local hockey rink where Liz meets with a woman named Kate. Liz asks to use the rink since the mine owns it, and Kate reluctantly approves. The corpsicles move to the rink, and Peter points out that the men appear to have been biting their own hands off.

Then we watch as Liz and Peter identify four of the men, and Peter says the rest are still buried, which will come into play at the end of the episode. Peter then uses Molina's face to unlock his phone, and he and Liz look through his photos, eventually finding the video of Clark's episode just before all the men went missing. Peter also says they found a handprint on one of the men's shoes, but that they didn't come up with any matches. Liz then tells Peter to start asking questions, and they run through things like why did they leave in the first place, when was the spiral drawn on the man's head, why they run outside without shoes on, and why are the men's clothes folded.

Later, Navarro stops by Eddie's diner to ask Ryan if he knew Raymond Clark, which he didn't. But as they're talking, a man named Chuck comes out and seems to recognize Clark but then denies it when Navarro asks him about it. Back inside, a fight breaks out between the miners and the other locals, and one of them says something about drinking the same water. Later that night, Navarro and Eddie talk about how bad the water situation is getting.

Liz and Peter interview the Tsalal cleaning staff and the delivery driver. The cleaners say the workers never spoke to them, and that Clark had a history of weird behavior, but that the others mostly just ignored it. The driver told Peter he thought he saw someone out there, but then walks it back and says, "H, this is Ennis, you know, you see people sometimes." The cleaners say they never saw the spiral, but the driver said Clark had it tattooed on his chest.

Next, we follow Navarro as she's on her way to find Chuck in the mining barracks. During her drive, she reaches down in her car and finds a necklace that belonged to her mother. We see a flashback of her as a young kid watching her mom having some kind of episode, causing Navarro to nearly crash her truck. She throws the necklace out the window. She makes it to Chuck's place and learns that Clark had bought a trailer named The Golden Eagle off of his cousin seven years ago. We cut to Hank sending messages to his Russian girlfriend, and when she asks for more pictures of him, he begins walking around his house and discovers that Peter had stolen Annie's files from his house. We then see Peter and Liz discussing Raymond Clark, and they talk about his tattoo and the fact that nobody in his family had seen or heard from him in years. They get on to the subject of who funds the research station, and Peter says after following the money trail, it all leads to a company called Tuttle United.

Tuttle, as you may remember, was the name of the Colt family led by Reverend Billy Lee Tuttle in True Detective Season 1. The Tuttle Foundation, a community nonprofit wing of the Tuttle Church, contributed to the Wellspring program, which funded several schools throughout Louisiana. Peter asks Liz what happened between her and Navarro, and she brushes it off and just tells him not to mess things up as she sends him back to the hockey rink to keep an eye on the corpsicle.

Liz arrives at Peter's house to pick up Leah. Liz then walks in on Kayla's grandmother putting tribal markings on Leah's face and freaks out about it. She tells Leah to go wash it off and calls the old lady a laundry mat grandma. That night, Leah sneaks out to meet up with her girlfriend, and while she's away, Liz sets up a Christmas tree and has flashbacks of what appears to be a son of hers or some other young boy that we don't know about. Also, during the scene, we can hear Twist and Shout being played, which explains her desire to turn it off at the research station in episode 1.

Back at the hockey rank, Hank swings by and smacks Peter in the face for stealing from his house. He goes on to say that Peter needs to get his priorities straight and choose his family over Danvers. Liz pays a visit to Captain Connelly, and they catch up after apparently having been apart for a while. Then they discuss the case a bit, and Liz seems to convince Connelly to let her keep it, at least for now. She heads to the office to look over Clark's credit history. She calls a tattoo artist about the spiral tattoo on his chest and asks if he ever explained what it meant. The artist says he didn't, but she did send a picture over of him with the tattoo and also one of the model for the work, which was Annie. After seeing this, Liz heads to Navarro to share what she learned about the tattoo and also says the DNA results came in on the tongue and it was, in fact, Annie's. Liz offers to work with Navarro on it. Navarro says something like, "Listen, the Wheeler thing was..." I couldn't quite figure out if she said Wheeler or Wagner or something, but anyway, she's alluding to something that Liz obviously knows about, and Liz cuts her off and tells her they're just going to close the case and part ways.

Leah swings by to visit Peter, and they talk about their parents. Leah tells a story of Liz and her father about how they used to dance and smoke together, giving us a bit more insight into Liz's life before the events of the show. Navarro pays Eddie a visit where they talk about Annie's case, and she's upset that she never knew about the relationship with Clark. When she asks how she could have never known, Navarro connects the dots that the trailer that Clark had bought from Chuck's cousin is where they must have gone to keep their relationship a secret. She leaves when she realizes the trailer is probably hidden in a place called The Nook.

We cut to Liz digging into Clark's notes and find several disturbing pages where Clark had scribbled things like, "Oh God, never say her name. I can hear her, feel her. I can hear her moving her finger, cold always remember, never say her name, never sleep, and I can feel her moving outside." Liz gets a call from Navarro to come down to The Nook to see Clark's trailer, and we see some weird stuff, from bones on the table to voodoo-looking dolls hanging from the ceiling to this.

Liz and Navarro are called down to the hockey rink where Peter says that there are only six men, and that someone is missing. Liz goes around and names everyone there, and there are actually two men missing—Andrew Lund and Raymond Clark—and they just say Clark isn't here; he's out there, he's alive. And here True Detective Season 4 Episode 2 ends.
  • Series Title : True Detective
  • Season : 4
  • Total Episodes : 6
  • Release Date : January 21, 2024-E2
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Drama, Mystery
  • OTT Platform : HBO, MAX
  • Runtime : 60 Minutes
  • Origin of Country : US
  • Rating : 7.7 IMDb
  • Cast : Jodie Foster, Kali Reis, Finn Bennett, Anna Lambe, Joel Montgrand

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