Criminal Record Episode 4 Recap

Criminal Record Episode 4
Criminal Record Episode 4, titled "Protected" opens with June coming home to find her mother, Maureen, and son, Jacob, watching her press release on television. June cuts off Maureen when she starts to talk about how the police treated Jacob's grandfather. When June tries to explain why she joined the police, Maureen tells her that she can't do or change anything about them. 

Next, Daniel is interrogating Jason and asks him where he got the gun he used to shoot at Lenker. Jason says the boy, Isaac, was shot accidentally, and he ultimately admits to being the one who shot him. Daniel updates the team working on the case and asks June what their next step should be. She suggests that with the ballistics and the confession, they should just move forward with charging the suspect. However, Daniel counters, saying Jason didn't have any reason to confess and that he gave it up too easily. He thinks Jason may be confessing early just to get an easier sentencing. Daniel goes on to say he thinks Jason has been bribed and threatened to take the fall for the shooting.

We then see a woman telling June and Sonya that she knew the Hayes Lane caller and that they had worked together until she moved in with her boyfriend, who eventually made her quit her job. This woman says she believes the girl's name is Carla and then shows a picture of her at a barbecue they had that summer.

Next, Daniel is back in the room with Jason, explaining that they received a call into their helpline from an eyewitness of the park shooting. The caller says they saw a black man driving the scooter and a white guy, the shooter, riding on the back. Jason continues to try to claim that he was the shooter, but Daniel reiterates that they have an eyewitness and begins asking Jason about the other guy, eventually learning he's Turkish. The only other Turkish character that's been mentioned at any point in this show is the guy by the name of Mustafa that Errol said he went to meet at the barber shop the day Adelaide was killed.

June and the team hit the streets, asking locals for details about the park shooting. When Kim calls Daniel and complains about society today and asks why Daniel had June do the press briefing, Daniel tells Kim to get off his back and to accept that this is the world we live in now.

June is talking to a guy named Hasad who says he has no information about the shooting. When June takes his information down, he's impressed that she spells his name right because, he says, Turkish names trip people up a lot. June gives him a suspicious look as she heads off to meet with Sonya and asks her about Mustafa. Sonya says she confirmed he's back in Turkey, but then June says that the cop who wrote his name down may have spelled it wrong and that it's possible they've been looking for the wrong guy.

We cut to Patrick taking flowers to his mom's gravesite for her birthday, where he runs into Errol's mom, Doris. She says she remembers when Errol first brought Adelaide around and that Patrick came too. This unfortunately disproves one of my earlier theories that Errol is actually Patrick's biological father. Doris goes on to say that they tried to adopt him, but she couldn't do it because it would have required her to stop all contact with Errol. She then says she's making progress with Errol's case because of new information being brought forward by a woman named Carla.

Patrick heads home and starts reading articles online about the murder and gets into a fight with his roommates for being too loud. He's looking rather beat up outside Daniel's home. Daniel asks Patrick why he's there and brings up what Doris had told him about Carla. Daniel says it's nothing and he shouldn't worry about it, then asks Patrick if he wants to walk back through the case. As Daniel's recounting what happened with Patrick, we cut back and forth between their conversation and June as she's looking for the real Mustafa online.

Daniel says they entered the home after a neighbor called 999, and upon arriving, they could see that there had been a big fight with shouting and screaming. Daniel found Adelaide in the kitchen, stating that Patrick was badly hurt after the car crash. Errol, covered in blood, was fine, and the blood on his clothes wasn't his but Adelaide's. Back with June, she's finding more and more men with the same name but finds one that appears to be cutting hair in a barber shop, likely the one she's looking for.

Daniel continues that there had been trouble at home, but Errol denied everything and even said that he had an alibi. But Daniel says they found the man Errol said he was with at the time of the murder, and he said he had never seen or heard of Errol. Besides, in the end, Errol confessed to it all.

June tracks down the correct Mustafa, and he says that the police did ask him to identify the man, but to him, all the faces he was shown looked the same. When he saw Errol on TV, he felt he'd made a mistake, but he couldn't go back to the police out of fear for his life.

June calls Sonya to discuss what happened, and when she arrives back at her car, she finds that it had been set on fire. Upon returning home, Daniel visits June and says he's putting 24/7 security on her, and she's going to have to come off the park shooting investigation because Daniel says the attack came after someone saw her in the press briefing. He also says there have been some things posted online by gangs saying what they'll do next.

In jail, Jason has jumped in the bathroom, and while recovering, Daniel pays him a visit and says he wants to help him; he just needs a name. June is called in to meet with the Professional Standards committee again, this time regarding a complaint of workplace bullying. After the meeting, Roy and June chat about everything going on, and June says everything is just too convenient, and she believes her car location was leaked from someone on the inside. Roy tells her to knock it off because Hegarty and the team were working all night to apprehend a man named Amit Ceker for the shooting of Isaac Whitlow, insinuating that he wasn't spending his time focused on June.

Next, Patrick visits Daniel again, this time bringing some lunch. When Daniel tells him he can't keep coming by, just then the girl we've seen only as Patrick's girlfriend arrives, and Daniel introduces her as his daughter Lisa. This was a bit of a bombshell moment because, up to this point, we've seen signs that Daniel has a daughter, but we haven't actually met her. So, to learn Patrick and Lisa are dating is kind of a big deal.

Back with June, Chloe finds her to say she was the one behind the complaint but never used the word bully. Chloe says she felt she had to because of the leaking of the pathology report. She goes on to say that everyone sees what June is doing, buddying up to the bigwigs to get herself promoted, which sends June into a bit of a tailspin as she breaks down in the bathroom. She then receives a call from a local shelter regarding Carla. So, June calls Sonya, and they discuss how this doesn't make sense because they haven't been calling any shelters. It turns out an unnamed male police officer had called them, so June asks if Sonya knows who's been talking.

June researches one of Doris's helpers, a woman named Latisha, and finds that she had been arrested in the past by Tony, leading her to believe she's leaking information to him. June tracks down Latisha to ask her about it, and she says Tony dropped her charges as long as she would feed him information, and that she's been doing it for the past 8 years. Latisha confesses that she also told Tony about June working with him, so June tells her to call Doris that night and tell her she can't help with Errol's case anymore.

June gets on a call with Daniel the following day, saying she's going to turn over Tony for running ops on a woman for the past 8 years. Daniel asks June if she shared any of the details from the Hayes Lane emergency call with Doris or anyone else, and she says no, to which Daniel says he won't hold back if he finds out she shared it with anyone.

Leo tells June she should file a complaint about them, but June is hesitant, saying it won't go anywhere. She goes on to say Hegarty was clearly rattled after the phone call, and she needs to find out why. We see Daniel again withdrawing cash from an ATM, presumably for more late-night underground gambling.

As Daniel enters this mysterious club, he's being photographed by the man we saw earlier in the episode giving Daniel weird looks at the gas station. So, of course, the question is who is this guy, and maybe more importantly, who hired him?

June asks Sonya what they're supposed to do next, and just then Sonya's phone rings, and it's Carla saying they need to stop looking. Carla says they need to just drop it because they're going to get her killed. June says just give us a name, and Carla says no, the man is protected. But when asked who's protecting him, Carla hangs up, and here Criminal Record Episode 4 ends.
  • Series Title : Criminal Record
  • Season : 1
  • Total Episodes : 8
  • Release Date : January 24, 2024-E4
  • Language : English
  • Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
  • OTT Platform : Apple TV+
  • Origin of Country : US
  • Runtime : 53 Minutes
  • Rating : 7.4 IMDb
  • Cast : Peter Capaldi, Cush Jumbo, Shaun Dooley, Charlie Creed-Miles, Aysha Kala, Dionne Brown. Tom Moutchi, Steffan Cennydd, Ian Bonar, Chizzy Akudlu, Joana Borja

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