Netflix Ripley Series Cast

Ripley Netflix Cast
One of the best crime thriller series on Netflix is definitely 'Ripley.' The story, along with the acting in this limited series, is stupendous. Although it has eight episodes, it doesn't feel like it needed to be that long. Netflix could have ended this series in fewer episodes. On Rotten Tomatoes it received 86 % rating and on IMDb 8.2. All episodes run between 45 to 76 minutes. The way Steven Zaillian directed it is truly worth watching. The main characters we meet here are Andrew Scott, Dakota Fanning, Johnny Flynn, Maurizio Lombardi, and Eliot Sumner.

Andrew Scott (Tom Ripley)
The central character and antihero of the series. Tom Ripley is a grifter from New York hired to convince Dickie Greenleaf to return to the States. He's very complicated person. He lies, steals, and kills also. Andrew Scott as Ripley just done amazing job. His emotions seems Ripley real one, even though he does bad things.

Johnny Flynn (Dickie Greenleaf)
The prodigal heir of a Manhattan dynasty, whose return to the States is desired by his family. Tom Ripley tries to trick him. Johnny Flynn makes Dickie interesting by acting like he's nice, but not super exciting.

Dakota Fanning (Marge Sherwood)
Dickie's girlfriend and a significant character in Tom Ripley's journey. Dakota Fanning skillfully portrays Marge, whose interactions with Tom are hostile and uncomfortable yet gripping.She is like the opposite of Ripley, showing her feelings through how she moves and talks.

Eliot Sumner (Freddie Miles)
A friend of Dickie's, portrayed as righteous, highly intelligent, and thoroughly unlikable. Eliot Sumner's acting makes Freddie's character more interesting, even though he's not very likable.

Maurizio Lombardi (Inspector Ravini)
A character who appears later in the series, playing a pivotal role in Tom Ripley's cat-and-mouse game. Maurizio Lombardi's portrayal of Inspector Ravini is authoritative, skillful, and stern, with a dry sense of humor.

"Ripley" story is based on Patricia Highsmith's novels about a tricky guy named Tom Ripley. He's not a good guy; he lies, steals, and even kills. The show, set in the 1960s.The series runs in total black and white. It's about Tom who gets a job to bring back a rich man named Dickie from Italy to New York. But things get messy, and Tom ends up doing some terrible stuff to get what he wants.

The star of the show, Andrew Scott, plays Tom Ripley brilliantly. He makes Tom seem real, even when he's being really bad. The other actors, like Johnny Flynn and Dakota Fanning, also did great acting. The show looks amazing too, with every scene beautifully filmed in black and white.

Tom's sexuality in this series is the most highlighting part, the way the series  handles is just amazing. It makes people curious and tense because they don't know much about him. This makes things uneasy between him and the other people in the story.

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